Coach yourself: A powerful visualisation and meditation excercise

Coach yourself: A powerful visualisation and meditation excercise

Mar 4, 2020

Visualisation is a technique that uses the imagination to generate positive energy for creation in your life. Everyone visualises, whether consciously or unconsciously, either in a positive or negative way about their performances. We want you to visualise a conscious positive and empowering image. Make the fullest possible representation (see, hear, feel, smell) possible, as you want to be able to recognise when you’ve realised your visualisation.


Determine your goal. Form a clear idea / image and think in the present tense. You want to ‘create this’.

Relax, focus on your body, your breathing (especially exhalation) and your attitude.

Count from 1 to 10 and relax each time a different part of the body. Meditation (relaxation) as a pre-condition for this exercise!

Provide a clear picture of the result you want. (hearing, sight, smell, feel)

Attach (affirmation), compare your internal dialogue. This is often unconsciously negative. Change the wordings in positive and constructive dialogue, make basic choices.

Duration, frequency:
5 to 10 minutes per day
Depending on your vision, at least for an extended period, until the goal is reached or changed. Choose a fixed point: in the morning upon awakening or at night before bedtime.

You want to make positive energy to spend. Do not force anything.

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