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Learning how to become a great leader pays off, thanks to our Leadership Coaching program. All great leaders inspire others to be the best version of themselves. They act as pacesetters for high performing teams and benefit successful strategy execution. The road to great leadership starts with gaining the ultimate set of tools to do so. Admirable skills to change minds and work missions more efficiently. The executive coaching methodology of our Performance Management Coaches can be used for the development the leadership skills of executives, team-leads, professionals and other promising leaders at all levels for companies in Amsterdam and beyond.

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Reconnect to the bigger picture thanks to an intensive Leadership Coaching program

In six intensive, individual sessions about organisational behaviour management we help you reconnect to the bigger picture and become an inspirational leader that inspires people. Aspects thatwill be part of Leadership Coaching are:

  • Gaining self-understanding and insight thanks to the Birkman Method® assessment.
  • Changing specific behaviours, notably addressing derailment behaviours.
  • Addressing the immediate concerns within the context of organisational issues.
  • Facilitating stronger bonds with the boss, pears, directors and others.
  • Offering sounding-board opportunities as strategic growth advisors.
Managing people and teams issues
Executive coaching from our consultants in Amsterdam typically focuses on the issues that come with managing people and teams. New skills required of managers include evaluating performance, conducting tough conversations, dealing with conflictand motivating teams – these aren’t necessarily skills that come naturally.

Our Leadership Coaching program is a customised and holistic development process that provides deep behavioural insights. Our consultants intend to accelerate an executive’s business results and effectiveness as a leader to his or her team through coaching at their company in Amsterdam or anywhere else in the world.

Coaching is a process that is tailored to accompany practical learning and gives direct feedback to what is observed. We very often make use of the Birkman Method®assessment; an effective tool to learn more about yourself, about your interests, motivations and what you expect from others. The value of using the Birkman Method®, compared to other assessments, is that it gives you insight into your structure during the training: what do you need in order to create your (working) life in such a way that you can maximise the use of your strengths? This makes it apro-active instrument for the consultants in our executive coaching program for companies in Amsterdam and anywhere else in the world.

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Leadership coaching programs

The teammember(s) get a link to conduct a Birkman Method® assessment identifying theirpersonal style, their interests, stress behaviours. We are taking this assessment as the basis to further develop personal effectiveness in the teams they lead and work in.

After the assessment is done, the individual gets a written report divided in roughly three parts:
  • A relational component
  • A business component
  • A career development component
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Fully understanding how to leverage the personal competencies

Initially 4-6 months

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