TAG means ‘Trust in Achieving Goals’. At TAG Group we coach businesses and teams to build strong fundaments of trust that help to effectively execute strategy and deliver the mission. In doing so, we focus on three main area’s: ’Mission Alignment’ , ‘High Performance Teams’ and ‘Leadership development’. Together they form the fundament to deliver sustainable results.

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Leaders provide the direction and alignment for employees and their teams; foster the relationships employees have with the organization; and help identify, map, and develop skills employees need to deliver an organization’s mission. With a vibrant learning environment and significant, fruitful leadership development, you will be well on your way to developing a culture of high performance.

TAG is recognized for its state of the art coaching by a small group of professionals from mainly military background that have lived this way of working for a long time in the field themselves, and know the fundamental importance of alignment and trust needed in teams during military operations. Over the last 20 years we have successfully supported many teams and organizations with our ESP-RIT® approach: think first, then act.

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Our fundamental commitment is that we help you develop High-Performance Teams that are committed, take ownership, demonstrate leadership, deliver results and exceed their own expectations.   We look forward to meet you!

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