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Our way of bridging the gap between planning and execution as a management consultancy firm.


The road to success

Mission Alignment

Use the company’s strategy as a roadmap to achieve your long-term company vision. Our Performance Management Coaches  will hand you simple, individual tasks so every team member can practice what they preach.

Link your Strategy & Execution
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Delivering beyond expectation

High Performance Teams

You can’t simply grow your business, only your people can. Start engaging your teams in the company’s vision and strategic plan. Create a culture of high performance and a winning team that exceeds expectations.

Unlock your team potential
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Lead to inspire

Leadership Coaching

Great leaders drive high performing companies. Our coaches provide you with a lifeline of coaching that gives you the ultimate tools to change more minds in your company. In addition, you work the goals from your business strategy more efficiently.

Increase your effectiveness

The bridge between planning and execution

Our management consultancy firm brings your organisation to a higher performance level. Implementation is the most important part of strategy execution. Even though companies put a lot of time and effort in creating a direction for their business, over half of them fail in actually achieving their desired future state. Our experienced Performance Management Consultants assist companies in the area of Amsterdam and everywhere else in the world to achieve their maximum potential thanks to corporate coaching.

Create a culture that thrives on performance

The past 15 years we have dedicated our time at TAG to continuously bridge a gap between planning and execution. Our experienced Strategy Execution Consultants and Performance Management Coaches have designed business programs to build new skill sets and change the current state-of-mind within companies in Amsterdam and beyond. It starts with breaking down the strategic growth plan, engaging your people and handing out individual tasks to create a culture thriving on performance. Together, we measure the progress and drive growth.

How can we help you?

Realise your plans as envisaged

We look forward to learn more about you and your organisation, so we can strive to achieve your goals together. Make sure to contact us if you would like to know more about the strategic plans our firm’s Performance Management Consultants can bring your company in Amsterdam or anywhere else in the world.

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