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Success is best when shared

That’s why we made it our mission to share with you all our knowledge in successful strategy execution. 

Since 2005 we have built an incredible client portfolio. We have been privileged to work with many different companies, each in different industries and locations. Even though we work on a unique way of Strategy Execution for every single company, our cases all share the same outcome: our clients now run a more successful business.  Still wondering if professional coaching in strategy execution is for you? Our clients speak for themselves.


Lindt wanted to establish a fundament for High Performance for the Lindt France Management Team. We are supporting them.


GGnet needed support during their transition, embedding a way of working to enable the organisation to keep up with the environmental changes and execute strategy at pace. We created a hands-on,High Performance program and handed them tools that everyone refers to on a daily basis.

Koninklijke de Kuyper

Koninklijke de Kuyper wanted to accelerate their performance and embed a High Performance culture in their organisation. We coach leadership and their teams, using our approach to align all plans around one inspiring vision. We have developed The Kuyper Academy to embed High Performance Leadership amongst the young talents of the company as well.

Red Bull

Red Bull Nederland decided it was time to bring the concept of High Performance Team to the next level in the execution of all their events and projects. They called us to work with their people. We created a program for them that everybody still talks about, that has embed our ESP-RIT® way of working throughout their full organisation and is running since 2017.


Armacell decided it was time to step into a deeper level of alignment with their global senior leadership teams in order to deliver their vision. We are there for them since 2013.


SwishFund wanted to deepen their level of understanding in the leadership team by using the Birman Method and align their plans using our 'strategy on one page' method. We support them to step more fully into their purpose and execute the company's strategy at pace.


Carlsberg wanted to bring a High Performance culture in their organisation, they chose us to embed our ESP-RIT® way of working in their organisation, enabling them to step up the pace and adapting rapidly to unexpected change.

Torqx Capital

Torqx Capital read an article about the work of TAG Group in the Dutch Financial Times and chose us to deliver their long term company journey. We gave the team a unique experience that transformed the believes on what it truly takes to be part of a high performance team, delivering at pace and exceeding all expectations.

United Dutch Breweries

At United Dutch Breweries we have been asked to coach senoir leadership into their full potential on a one-one basis. We are happy to support and contribute to their results in this way.


At Rituals we make a difference and coach senior leadership into their full potential on a one-one basis.


PPG Industries wanted to step change the alignment of its European Division and needed support in leadership development as well. They called us.


ING Group calls in 'the marines', since 2015 in order to take their strategy execution to a next level. They work with us to bring our 'marine' way of working, our level of authenticity and commitment, to their people. We support their global middle management training program as well as their top leaders and teams within the Wholesale bank and Mid Corporate divisions to embed High Performance and execute strategy at pace.


TU Eindhoven trusts us since 2018 with her brightest students, asking to bring our work to their Honour Program. We created a program that transformed their thinking around purpose, commitment and the leadership needed in order to work as a High Performance Team.


Qualicaps wanted to align their company and embed a culture of high performance on a global scale. We worked with all of their regions, provided a lifeline of coaching and helped to transform the company within 2 years to deliver its results as promised.

Albert Hein
Sociale Verzekeringsbank

At Heineken we make a difference and coach young leaders that deal with personal challenges in their performance back into their full potential on a one-one basis.

Brandweer Hollands Midden

Steelcase asked us to help change their culture into a high performance team culture. We worked with their teams and leadership in the Netherlands and England, created clarity on their 'Must Win Battles', enabling them to make profound decisions that accelerated their business.

Smit & Dorlas
De Rechtspraak Rotterdam
CMS Derks Star Busmann
Delta Lloyd
Atlas Copco

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