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There is no 'we' in teams

means you have to unlock the potential of every individual in the team

High performance teams

Delivering beyond expectation

There is no “we” in teams, we say! It takes no less than every individual in the team to deliver high performance and achieving the long-term company vision. Only then you can leverage the full potential of your team. A high performing team is driven by effectiveness and productivity plus every member is challenged to challenge themselves. We change mind sets, make exceeding expectations a permanent way of performing, thus putting in place a fundament for team and individual behaviours that provides confidence to deliver the team’s mission. This 2,5-day workshop will put your team on the path to high performance.

Ensuring the mission command/leadership philosophy is successfully implemented, teams need the right team and individual behaviours in place.

Target group
This program targets executive and senior leadership teams and individuals want to transform their team performance.

Program level
HBO+, recommended entry level participants HBO+ (not mandatory)

Your Outcome
At the end of the program the team will have specified their own unique High Performing.
Team Behaviours (HPTB) including individual and team actions to further develop these HPTB which increase the confidence level to deliver business KPI’s.

2 ½ day highly interactive program. CRKBO accredited.
The first day is not a full day and will start at the end of the afternoon at on off site location. The team will be given a team challenge the first evening allowing them to display their team behaviours as they are. The purpose is 2 fold
The second day is used to reflect in detail on the current team behaviours. It includes many team and sub-team challenges providing parallels and handholds to the daily business. The principles of high performing teams are explained and the leadership tool ESP-RIT® is introduced. By the end of day two the team will have identified insights on where they can improve the team behaviours, they will have worked with ESP-RIT® and they understand what it takes to deliver high performance as a team.
The last day is all about taking the learning forward in to the own business. Teams will develop their own high performing team behaviours. Against those they will score themselves and put plans in place to drive the scores up. The day will be finished by displaying high performing team behaviors in action and commitment to drive this forward.
Let’s create a culture of performance and a winning team

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