Strategy on ONE PAGE

Strategy on ONE PAGE
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Saskia Pennekamp
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November 14, 2019

Strategy on ONE PAGE

A powerful strategy starts with having an inspiring vision. Having a VISION, in our opinion, is crucial in order to achieve High Performance. It is that one common goal that everybody sets out to achieve, which is not an easy thing to do but will ask a stretch of the talents, the leadership and follower-ship in your team!

A vision tells you where or who you want to be in a few years time. It is a very clear, long term goal and, apart from purpose (your 'reason for being'), the highest WHY that will drive your priorities in the here and now. Your MISSION gives clarity as to WHAT you need to do IN ORDER to take a deliberate step towards fulfilling your vision. It is your main focus for this year or for the project you run. It will drive all actions that need to be completed successfully in order to win.

In order to design a strong plan to deliver upon your Vision and Mission, you first want to UNDERSTAND the full context of what you are dealing with. How does the situation you are in right now relate to what it is that you want to accomplish?

In order to get CLARITY, first focus your attention to THE FUTURE STATE of your vision: DESCRIBE where do you want to be in, let's say, 4 years time. What does your life/company/world look like in the future you desire? Who will you/your company/team be in that future? What drives you? What ambitions do you have? You can put all of your thoughts on a flip chart. Answering these questions will start to give clarity to your vision. After you have written everything down, come up with ONE SENTENCE that best describes your VISION in a simple way. Try to be as specific as possible.

Second, focus your attention to your CURRENT SITUATION. What is happening in the (economic) environment that has impact and you need to take into account? What is going well, what can you do better? What have you not been doing? Write down all of the RESOURCES you have that will enable you to achieve your vision. Also note what resources are still missing that you would need to develop or acquire. Last take a note what possible barriers and concerns can stop you along the way. What resources will enable you to overcome these barriers? After you have written everything down, draw the most important insights and conclusions. What is the FIRST step you see you will need to take in delivering your vision?

You are now able to start drawing your strategy for succes.

Need help? Be sure to give us a call! We can help you with simple forms that enable you to get your FULL STRATEGY on ONE PAGE!

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