Mission accomplished!

One team, one goal, one vision: the Royal Dutch Marines have reclaimed the world record Speedmarch. Walter was part of this extraordinary team of (former) marines.
Mission accomplished!
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Saskia Pennekamp
Blog post date
October 31, 2020

Mission accomplished!

As a proud sponsor we can only say: Mission accomplished!

In 2018, the English broke the standing World Record Speedmarch of the Dutch, that had been untouched for 19 years, with 2 minutes. But now, after an extraordinary year of training due to COVID, The Royal Dutch Marines have reclaimed the World Record Speedmarch by literally shattering the time with more than 18 minutes in an unbelievable time record of 3 hrs, 38 minutes and 55 seconds.

With this record, the WRS project raised more that 100.000 euro funding and a lot of awareness dedicated to cancer research.

WRS 2020 - Verbondenheid | Kracht | Toewijding - QPO

#WRS2020 #mariesfightcancer #KorpsMariniers #nevergiveup

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