Feel - Need - Want - Think

Feel - Need - Want - Think
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August 22, 2019

Feel - Need - Want - Think

To grow in personal strength it is valuable to understand the thoughts and feelings that lie behind our first primary reactions that we all have. Those are often our real needs and desires that drive us and are hidden in our subconscious. Our primary reactions are containing the classic tip of the iceberg and the conduct they evoke is often focused on immediate gratification. When we learn to endure our first impulse and focus our attention through the following questions on the layers below, we often get surprising insights. A fun exercise to do, for example with your partner!

Work in pairs. 2 times 10 minutes.
First make contact with yourself. You can do this by just closing your eyes, pay attention to your breathing, feeling that you firmly supported, feeling the back of your chair. Open your eyes and make contact with the other. Let this contact take a moment and then decide on who is A and who is B. 
2. A represents 4 questions, repeatedly, in varying order and intonation:
A. What do you feel?
b. What do you need?
c. What do you want?
d. What do you think?
3. After 10 minutes you swap and B proposes the questions.

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