Do your own 360

Do your own 360
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September 19, 2019

Do your own 360

​Do you know how others look at you? Do you have a good idea of ​​how you come across? You could well be surprised by the results of this assignment. Fun and confrontational to do and it gives you a wealth of self-reflection!​

Select 6 people, 3 from your workplace and 3 out of your personal life and invite them for an interview. Tell them that this is a special interview in which you will ask them five questions and then you give them complete freedom in the answer. While you they answer, you will not interrupt them in any way and ask no questions. You only listen. While you are listening to what is being said, be aware of your internal dialogue. Are you present in the interview or do your thoughts wander off? What feelings do the responses recall? After answering each question thank the other for the gift (s)he gave you with this answer (you do not literally have to say this of course, but realize while listening that this is so!) And present the next question.

The questions:
1. what do you think positively about me?
2. what do you think could be improved?
3. what do others say about me?
4. where can you count on me?
5. where do you know you cannot count on me?

Compare these 6 interviews afterwards and find out how the answers agree with each other. Which pattern can you discover? Are there differences and/or agreements which are noteworthy? What do you do with the insights you give this? Turn this in a possible action plan.

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